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GIRL VILLAGE | I VIAGGI DELLE RAGAZZE is a project by Paola Dee and Rita Colombo in collaboration with:
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“What people will remember is how we made them feel.”


A new way of conceiving travel: meeting up.

GIRL VILLAGE | THE GIRLIE CLUB is a tourist project aimed and designed for an Italian and international female audience both singles and couples, offering trips and itinerant situations with different souls and styles: sport and nature, relaxation and wellness, cultural/artistic and gastronomic, all depending on destinations, type of target and of vacation.

The mission is to offer gay women situations and opportunities to meet up and interact, feeling free to live their own normality; a positive and different opportunity for gay women to meet their possible soul mate in person, instead of using virtual platforms, and to make discrimination an old memory.


We choose each destination in Italy and abroad carefully, according to different types of experiences and favouring facilities run by women and particular about gay realities. The vacations (trips and/or weekends) come with many different activities: forest bathing, yoga lessons, gastronomic tours, cultural visits, sensory experiences, SPA, sports activities, etc.

The Girl Village | The Girlie Club project is the brainchild of some of the best known gay-oriented events management in Rome and Milan with over twenty years of experience (mostly women), among which Paola Dee and Rita Colombotogether with hospitality and tourist reception experts, supported by a network of professional women working in different environments.


Three different types of vacation dedicated to the girlie audience: discover the best one for you.


The adventure

The most complete experience in Italy and worldwide, going for special destinations, outside the well-known tourist locations, tailored to your concept of vacation.

Discover our proposals

Weekend breaks.


The ideal solution to take time for yourself, a break alone or in company, to have fun and escape the usual daily routine.

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One shot

Cultural, recreational and gastronomic proposals for those who want to treat themselves to a special occasion, an evening or a different day off and relax.

Discover our proposals
...and choose according to your needs.
Age range

You can choose the experience according to your age.

Price range

Experiences for all budgets and needs.

Type of vacation

Choose the main features for you based on your hobbies.


Better one trip or two weekends? Schedule your free time.

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    Creative minds.

    Paola Dee, leading DJ of the LGBTQI+ scene, pioneer of Muccassassina (the longest and self-financing party of the Mario Mieli association) and resident DJ there since day 1, as well as founding member and vice president of the legendary Gay Village in Rome, that was set up for 18 years in a row. Resident DJ at The Venus Rising, TLS, Omogenic and Giam in Rome.

    Rita Colombo is the founder of Rhabar Milano, the first straight-friendly lounge bar in Milan, where new playful formats were born. Together with her entourage of friends and Kick-Off Eventi, other important organization of the last twenty years, she managed themed events at some of the most famous and renowned entertainment venues in Milan.

    Paola Dee & Rita Colombo | Girl Village / The Girlie Club

    Girl Village | The Girlie Club is also supported by Artdisk, one of the very first Italian creative agencies making fluid, non-sexist, gender neutral and stereotype-free communication projects, thanks to the use of inclusive and diversity-conscious images and language for over 20 years now.

    Girlie Team!

    Arianna Ciccarelli | Girl Village / The Girlie Club

    Arianna Ciccarelli

    Creative Director | Artdisk

    Anna Sabella | Girl Village / The Girlie Club

    Anna Sabella

    Marketing Manager | Artdisk

    Barbara La Rocca | Girl Village / The Girlie Club

    Barbara La Rocca

    Event Manager

    Simona MC Ortenzi

    Public Relations | TLS

    Paola Carpi | Girl Village / The Girlie Club

    Paola Carpi

    Scouting Locations

    Outside consultants>

    Atlan66 - Consulenti Esterne | Girl Village / The Girlie Club


    Cybersecurity & Informatiche Forensi

    Do you want to work with us?

    Selections open!

    If you are part of a group, association or if you’re a point of reference for the community, you can take part in the selection of official Girl Village collaborators for the 2021/2022/2023 seasons.

    E-mail us your references and tell us something about you.

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    Special locations for events out of the ordinary.

    Do you own a Boutique hotel, a farmhouse, a restaurant, a tourist village, an art gallery, a bed&breakfast, a historical house, a club or an accommodation?

    If you would like to host one of Girl Village’s upcoming events, in Italy or abroad, describe your location.

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